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Obsidian Edged Swords

obsidian edged sword

According to, some primitive swords were no more than sharp obsidian shards attached to a wooden rod.


closeup eel skin

Shagreen was a type of fish skin used to cover sword grips. But what kind of fish did they use? An article by The Regency Redingote goes into it in depth. Fair warning, the article is more about fashion than swords, but it is a good history lesson.

Sword Grip

sword grip explains that the core of a sword grip was made of wood, bone, or ivory.

Sword Hilt

sword grip

What's the difference between a sword grip and a sword hilt? says the grip is where you hold it, and the hilt includes the cross guard, grip, and pommel. (That's everything but the blade).

Sword Frog

sword strap drawing

Why would a swordsman wear a frog on his belt? Check out the terms at to find out. If that sounds like a web site created by people who swallow swords - that's because it is!

Historic Swords

historic sword pic

If you are writing about characters who use swords, you need to put historically correct swords in their hands. provides a cool chronological guide to sword hilts.

Sword Terms

viking swords in museum

How can a sword with two equal sides have a short edge and a long edge? answers the question in its description of Viking swords.


forge with metal scraps

When is a blacksmith not a blacksmith? says the answer is when he's a swordsmith!

Replica Swords

sword image

Ever wonder how replica blades are made? Check out this YouTube video that shows each step.

Blacksmithing Terms

blacksmith forge

Punching and upsetting a sword? Yes, that's a thing. Read how blacksmiths worked their metal in this Penn State article on blacksmithing. Thanks to for the steering me toward this one.

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